Why should you choose me? 

1. I absolutely love working with families and getting kids to laugh and have a good time.  Sessions are very family lead so no need to worry about having a "difficult" child, I will make every situation work! 

2. I have worked with countless families who continue to return year after year.

3. I am always continuing my education to provide the very best experience possible.

4. I am always on the hunt for amazing locations and love to create a fully custom experience. 

What to expect?

Expect to have fun, adventure, cuddle, love and so much more. My sessions are fun and all about interaction. Bring some jokes and cuddles and we will be set!  

What to wear?

Yes!!! The most stressful thing leading up to the session, right!? Well guess what - Its easy (ok not really!) But I am here to help you. I am a text / message away to help you coordinate your outfits. I also have a very inspiring outfit guide on pinterest and a guide full of some very helpful tips that will help you coordinate your session to picture perfect outfits. 


** When you book with SGP I provide a full detailed prep guide on how to prep / prepare for you session **