I am Stefanie, a mother to 5, a wife, an artist, a food and coffee lover. I like to say I am a country girl living in the suburbs...if that's what you wanna call my neighborhood in Moses Lake. Being a mom really drives me and is my entire inspiration for photography. I love all the details and moments that come with motherhood. Photography has really just fueled my soul in creating long lasting memories. We are only getting older, time is only moving on and the only way to really hold still in the moments is through photography. As a mother I want to remember each and every moment. I wanna remember what my daughters little cheeks felt like when I kissed them, what my sons giggles sounded like when I tickled him. I am hoping that through my photographs it will only bring back those memories to where you can literally feel them by looking at the photograph. I am here to connect with you and tell your story.


Stefanie is our go-to photographer. Working with her is always easy and fun. I love how she can capture the essence of my kids and family from just a snap shot! She always elevates the vision I had in my head, and delivers the most wonderful pictures that I get to keep for a lifetime. She is always very timely in returning tastefully and beautifully edited photos, and I have never been disappointed by any session I’ve had with her.


My Goal

I hope to provide you a beautiful session and beautiful images. I want to be able to provide a really unique one of a kind experience. Not to toot my own horn here but I feel very confident in capturing your milestones that are so special and feel very honored to be selected to photography your family. From the very start I want to build a connection and get to know you. I send over a client contract and questionnaire to help really tailer your session for you. I want to be able to provide a helping hand in coordinating your outfits to really achieve the look and end goal for your session results. During the session I want to make sure that everyone is as comfortable as can be. Spending this time together I want to capture connection. Melting connection. If that is snuggling your newborn in the ckm≥≥≥; u. studio or if that is laughing with your family in the fields I am here to capture all those perfect special moments. When leaving the session I want everyone to feel great. When you leave I want you guys to chat and remember what a good time you had while we were working together.