Emily & Jerrod

I first met Emily when my sister was attending college at Eastern Washington Univeristy. Her and Emily became great friends. I ended up living in Ellensburg, WA for a short period of time and while I was there me and Emily worked together. Even though that's been years (we aren't counting) Emily is just someone that you can instantly connect with. I would occasionally see her through the years. I remember one time I was at Starbucks in Moses Lake and I was so shocked to see her there. We chatted for a couple quick minutes and I remember leaving with a smile and called my sister to tell her I ran into her, haha. Emily is such a kind hearted woman, one of a kind. Anyways, truth is she was my sisters friend but I have always thought so much of Emily. My sister messaged me and asked if I would be open to doing her engagement photos and I said absolutely yes! Generally I don't take on a ton of engagement photos because I only take on selective weddings (small intimate weddings are my cup of tea). We planned the perfect session at Cave B in Quincy, WA. It was a beautiful night and you can see these two glowing in the photos below.

Cave B Engagement Session

If you haven't been to Cave B in Quincy, WA for dinner, drinks, stay or just to explore it should be on your list of to dos. Emily and Jerrod arrived early to grab a drink which is the perfect idea before your session. Maybe it is a glass of white wine to ease your tension or just a refreshing lemonade. Or maybe you grab a nice dinner afterwards. When you pull into Cave B you see this beautiful row of trees on both sides of the driveway into the resort. We pulled off to the side and started right there. Emily was glowing in her lovely white dress, and of corse Jerrod looked great and represented that cowboy hat well. The light was perfect. The sun was coming through the trees, making the background glowing as you can see in the photos.

This beautiful tucked away location near the Gorge - in Quincy, WA offers the most beautiful scenery. We headed down to the willow tree by the pond. This area was requested by Jerrod. I love that Cave B gave us so many different looks/scenery. From the glowing tree entrance to the green grasses and large willow tree to the cliff side overlooking the Columbia river - continue on to see those amazing photos.

Cliff side over looking the Columbia River

Our final stop was the cliff side overlooking the Columbia River. This location is by far my favorite at Cave B. Emily and Jerrod looked amazing and I felt they really shined during this part of our session. We finished our session here as the sun was setting. Emily requested the Columbia River to be in the background of their photos because it had meaning to them. This spot was the perfect ending to our session. After we visited about life, Emily and Jerrod went back into Cave B for some dinner and a glass of red wine... what a perfect way to end their engagement session.