Newborn sessions

I have yet to meet a client who has said their newborn photos weren't worth the investment.

Moses Lake WA newborn photographer

When booking your newborn session with Stefanie you are getting a one of a kind experience. A relaxing luxury experience that will leave you excited to receive your art. She is well educated in newborn photography with years of experience, lots of knowledge in newborn photography and safety is her top priority. She has mentored with industry leading photographers and continues her education often. She knows how to safely pose newborns and has experience with premies and multiples. Some would say she is the baby whisperer and a queen at soothing babies. When booking with her you know that you're getting top of the line experience from preparing for your session, studio settings, newborn props and your ordering appointment.

Selecting the right newborn photographer for you

We know that budget plays a factor when selecting your newborn photographer, and understand that this is an investment that you will be making.

Keep in mind that newborn photography is not for anyone who has a camera, there is a real art to newborn photography that requires a lot of attention to detail, knowledge, experience and most importantly the knowledge to safety wrap and pose your new little one. Make sure you are selecting someone based on their work and experience. Pick a photographer you LOVE. This newborn time frame is so fleeting and the window for newborn photos is very small. We want you to love every single image and we want you to have a great experience all around and feel so good leaving the studio.

Cleaning - at the studio we follow a strict cleaning policy for all my props and fabrics in my studio. Sickness is taken seriously, so we will never risk exposing you or your newest addition to sickness. If I or someone in my home is under the weather we will reschedule the session. We ask all my clients to do the same to prevent sickness from spreading around the studio.

Such fleeting moments. These sweet babies are so little & pure. You will always look back on your newborn photos and cherish these special moments.

Why should you invest in newborn photos?

These moments are so fleeting. One day you are expecting your bundle of joy putting together the nursery or picking out sweet baby clothes. The next moment you are preparing for kindergarten and then middle school, before you know it your little baby is graduating high school. As a mom to 5 children I am more than aware of how fleeting this time is. You blink and the newborn phase is over. These photos will be precious memories to look back on. Imagine looking back at these images of your baby as you become a grandparent comparing your newborn session to your newest grand baby, isn't that something. Wow, I am honored to be here for you in this moment.

Mama fog - it's a thing after you have a newborn.

Ohhh my gosh. I have been there. Looking back to the first year of each of my children's lives there are so many things that just seem so blurry. Especially right after birth. Your body is in recovering mode, you're in mama mode and you're just trying to adjust. Remembering those tiny details can be challenging when you continue to grow with your baby. I hope that reflecting back on your newborn photos you are reminded of all those sweet moments. The sleepless nights but the soft baby skin and the sweet smell of your new baby.